Welcome to our website!

We’re so glad you chose to visit the website for the Zion’s Chapel Church of Christ in Roper, NC.

Zion’s Chapel is a loving and dedicated group of Christ-followers in Eastern North Carolina. Launched in 1874, our congregation is one of the oldest Restoration Movement congregations in the area.  For more than 140 years, Zion’s Chapel has faithfully proclaimed the message of Jesus.  We’ve encouraged believers to label themselves only as “Christians” and follow only the teaching of the Bible.

We’re excited about our church! We have a beautiful and functional facility to call “home.” Zion’s Chapel has a large, active youth group. Talented musicians add much to our services.  Our Bible studies feature a depth of discussion that makes our time together quite rewarding, and our fellowship is warm and inviting.  With God’s blessing, we believe the future is bright.

Thank you for visiting us on the web!  Please, take your time, look around, and call us if you have questions. Better yet, come visit us in person. We’ll work hard to make you feel welcome!

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