Past, Present, Future

The world has changed a bit since Zion’s Chapel began in 1874, but our message about Jesus remains constant!

Zion’s Chapel’s first building consisted of one large room, and was later remodeled and is currently used for Sunday School classrooms. Our present sanctuary was completed in March 1958, remodeled in 1972 and again in 2001.  In 1974, our youth group worked hard to purchase a steeple for the church building.

Most of the work on our first parsonage, erected in 1948, was done by our church members. This housed preachers and their families until a new parsonage was completed in February 1968. This parsonage was sold to our current minister in 2007.

The Church added a fellowship hall in 1989, providing a much-needed, much-used space for church gatherings.

Zion’s Chapel has made missions support a top-priority over the years.  The Church currently supports missions locally and around the world, with almost $40,000 per year going to mission work.

The Church owns the 21 acre farm plot to the east of our current building. This can be used for future growth as needed.